Sunday November 5th, 2017  1:30pm
O'Neill Historic Depot

330 East Hancock Street * O'Neill, NE 68003

Soul Book Gatherings are happening around the globe starting Saturday October 28th! 

You can connect with other excited participants on The SoulBook Gathering Experience FaceBook page!  Several of these gatherings will be broadcasting live on Facebook on October 28th so tune in to see what all the excitement is about! 

As a Brave Girls Certified Soul Restoration Instructor, Connie Gildersleeve will be hosting a Soul Book Gathering on Sunday, November 5th in O’Neill, Nebraska.  We've made this as simple as possible so anyone can be a part of it.  The Soul Book project materials were originally created for women, but it's fabulous for any girl about 10 and up.  So bring your Mom, Daughters, Sisters, Friends & Co-Workers together to each create your own Soul Book…It’s going to be a joyous day!


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PIctured Below: Complete SoulBook Kit with WorkBook featured in the middle.

Soul Book Retreat! 

Nervous about gathering with women? HERE’S WHAT MAKES SOULBOOK GATHERINGS UNIQUELY WONDERFUL:  Everyone who participates must agree to abide by the Rules of the Red Carpet. We’ve included them at the very bottom of this page so you can see what we mean. If you have EVER been in a gathering of women that seemed anything but safe and pleasant, you’re going to love the Rules of the Red Carpet!

What is a Soul Book?

 SoulBook is a beloved project by Melody Ross that is fun to make and deeply meaningful at the same time. You’ll create a beautiful, chunky little artsy SoulBook full of all of the things your beautiful heart knows, but sometimes forgets. You’ll make it out of inexpensive and easy-to-find cardboard and tape and fill it with reminders of important things you may have forgotten about yourself…things we don’t ever want to forget. You can make your SoulBook as simple or as artsy and creative as you like! At our retreat you have the choice to make your SoulBook with simple supplies and items you probably already have around the house, or you can register for the beautiful workbook and supplement kit to make it easy. 

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SoulBook Gathering Rules of the Red Carpet

All attendees of the SoulBook Retreat must agree to do their best to abide by these rules, for ourselves and for each other.

1. We are here to see each others as souls, no other labels to are to be attached. That means we don’t see ourselves by anything but who we are under our skin and bones…we don’t focus on or see each other by our income level, our age, our body size, our career, our successes and failures, our talents or weaknesses. We simply see each other as a fellow soul. Doesn’t that feel good?
2. For this time together here, we commit to avoiding talking about politics, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, body image or anything controversial that could divide us or hurt another. There are many other places to do this in the world, this is just not one of those places. We want everyone to feel safe and accepted and not judged. We are a very diverse group and we meet each other where we are the same…on a soul level.
3. We include everyone who is willing to abide by these red carpet rules. We look out for anyone who may be alone and welcome them into the circle. We look out for each other.
4. We each take personal responsibility for our own experience at the SoulBook Gathering. We don’t take things personally or take offense, we give each other grace and assume the best about each other. We each figure out what it is that we need and we find that for ourselves or ask for what we need. We don’t give others the responsibility of making sure we have a great experience, we take responsibility for ourselves. 
5. We don’t give advice. We focus on solutions and only share our own stories from our own experiences. We do not use this as a space to complain about or criticize or condemn ourselves, our lives or other’s lives. When we share our life struggles, we focus on the solutions we are seeking for them and we do not expect advice from others. We encourage each other, lift each other up and remind each other that we all have the ability to figure out our lives for ourselves. We share stories from our own experiences, but we never give advice. A good answer, rather than advice, to our fellow soul journeyers is…”I know you’re going to figure this out, keep seeking, I am rooting for you”
6. We watch our language and the photos that we post…we are diverse in age and there are young ones around looking to us.
7. We make things joyful and fun and amazing. We stay present and focused on soul work. We make this a place to rest from the heaviness and division of the world.
8. We treat each other the way that we, ourselves want to be treated. We are kind, compassionate and respectful. We forgive each other. We want the best for each other.
9. We don’t gossip here. We don’t bash others. We focus on our own soul work.
10. We are mindful about how many others are in this group and we are careful to not over-post either photos or words, to post things in the places designated for them and relevant to this experience, and we don’t compare or count “likes” or use them to measure our value or importance. We are all valued, beloved and important. No one better or worse than anyone else. 
11. We give our moderators the permission to lovingly remove posts that do not follow these guidelines, permission to reach out to us individually if these rules are not kept, and permission to lovingly remove members who find that this is group is not a good match for them because of these rules. No hard feelings, sometimes things are just not a good match. 
12. We do all that we can to make sure that this is a safe and loving place for everyone, knowing that we each must take responsibility for our own moods, emotions and perceptions… and that we must allow others to take responsibility for theirs. 
13. We are of many different ways of being, living and believing… many different faiths. When we refer to our source of truth and light… we refer to our source as our Truthteller. This is simply another way to be together when we are different and not have anything divide us or make us feel as if we don’t belong.
14. We root for each other as a human family.


 Soul Book Retreat
(Registration Options for O'Neill Gathering)

Sunday, November 5th, 2017   *  1:30pm

$60 Retreat Registration includes a Complete SoulBook Kit, Refreshments and Limited supply of Embellishments.  I understand I still need to bring copies of personal photographs and any personal embellishments I want to use.

$30 Retreat Registration Includes the SoulBook Workbook, Refreshments and Limited supply of Embellishments. I understand I will be providing my own cut cardboard pieces and roll of masking tape to assemble my Soul Book and copies of personal photographs and any personal embellishments I want to use. 

$20 Retreat Registration Includes Refreshments and Limited supply of Embellishments but does NOT include the SoulBook Workbook.  I understand I will need to download and print pdf's on my own to have the necessary supplies to create my SoulBook.  In addition, I will be providing my own cut cardboard pieces and roll of masking tape to assemble my Soul Book and copies of personal photographs and any personal embellishments I want to use.

*This may be the only registration option available after October 30th.  Workbooks & Kits must be ordered by the Host by Noon October 30th for on-time delivery.